The Just Aircraft Highlander

Last week I wrote about the tragedy of Sun ’N Fun followed by Saturday’s visit.  The triumph of the fly-in event includes seeing the latest designs from the creative minds of backyard and professional aeronautical engineers and technicians.  One such airplane that was as impressive this year as it was three years ago is the Just Aircraft Highlander.

This is a Light Sport Aircraft very reminiscent of airplanes used in the bush.  Equipped with tundra tires, a Rotax 912ULS 100HP or a Jabiru 3300 120HP engine, and two seats side by side, this airplane performs impressively.  Just check out this video:

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Constructed conventionally using steel tubing and fabric, the airplane weighs in empty at about 600 to 650 pounds and has a gross weight of 1320 pounds per the LSA rules.  With 100 hp engine, the airplane has a cruise speed of 96 knots (110 mph) and a stall speed with flaps of 24 knots (27 mph).

The power and light operating weight, coupled with 121 square foot of wing area, allows the aircraft to take off and land with a ground roll of 300 feet.  The Highlander also has an impressive 880 feet per minute climb rate.

One nice feature designed into the aircraft is the folding wing option.  An aircraft owner can trailer the airplane home for storage rather than pay an exorbitant hangar fee.

Speaking of fees, the acquisition fee for the airplane probably falls into the moderate range.  Some home built projects are much more expensive than the Highlander while others cost less.  Regardless of price, when anyone completes building a Highlander, he or she will have an economical, fun, new airplane to enjoy.

For more information, check out the company’s web site:


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