Inexperienced Pilots and the Just Highlander

Someone had an interesting query for Google the other day. It was “highlander aircraft inexperienced pilot.” The Google machine brought the Googler right straight to my blog.

When I saw the query in the software, I started thinking about it from the standpoint of both parts of the question. Is the Just Highlander Aircraft an easy airplane to fly? And just what makes an inexperienced pilot? If you are interested in more information about the airplane, the company website is where, I am sure, there is more information available.

I have not had the chance to fly a Just Aircraft yet, but looking at it and comparing the airplane to other similar airplanes, I believe the answer is—it is an easy airplane to fly.

(Found at

It might have some quirks, but for the most part, it appears to be a straightforward and easy-flying airplane. From the design of the airplane, it looks like a stable, nice airplane.

I wrote about the airplane last April shortly after seeing it fly at Sun N Fun. It was impressive then, it remains impressive today.

Is it a good airplane for an inexperienced pilot? My guess is yes; again, from the appearances. It appears to be a stable, docile, well-designed airplane. It even appears as though the designer had student pilots in mind when he lofted the lines on the drafting board.

The other question is—what is an inexperienced pilot?

An inexperienced pilot is one who is still gaining flight time. One thing about gaining flight time is the fun and the challenge. He or she is still figuring it out in the air; they are probably more cautious than those pilots with more experience. The thrill of flying is still new to them, while for those with a little more flight time, flying might be a little more “routine.”

I think inexperienced pilots will have a great time building experience with the Just Highlander Aircraft. It looks like it would be a good airplane to do just that.


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3 Responses to Inexperienced Pilots and the Just Highlander

  1. Matt says:

    And right you are, although perfecting STOL operations take practice like anything! I had gotten my tailwheel endorsement in a J-4 Cub, had a fistfull of dual hours in a Maule M-5-235 and both the planes have their highs and lows and are respectable machines in their own ways. Now I do not consider myself a proficient tailwheel pilot due to lack of time and time between experience, but it took only a handful of takeoffs and landings in a Highlander (Rotax 912ULS with 36″ bush wheels on a 1300 foot back yard strip at 7500′ msl) to feel confident that I could handle the plane solo in those conditions.

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