I am semi-retired. One of my financial advisors told me that I am a “hybrid retiree,” a person still working on their own terms whenever they want.  My late wife and I created our publishing company in 2007 and the house is now approaching 100 titles in our catalog. Please visit BluewaterPress LLC to peruse the books currently featured.

I have somewhere north of 10,000 flight hours; about 1,500 hours flying attack jets in the Navy, 6,000 hours as a flight instructor and check airman, and about 2,000 in the best of all airplanes – taildraggers!

Obviously, I am big on books and teaching flight. I now own and operate a flying company, Av Ed Consulting LLC, which I use primarily to teach pilots how to fly taildraggers. For more information, please visit https://tailwheelcfi.com.

You can find some of my favorite aviation textbooks here. For reading about flight and flying, check out this page.

Follow me on Twitter – http://twitter.com/JoeClarksblog.  You may also email me at joe@bluewaterpress.com.

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  1. Maybe you like my posts 10/16/10 and 11/6/10. Flyinggma sent me to visit you. I am sure you will hear from my friend Rick.

  2. Joe Clark says:

    It is very nice to meet you…

  3. Sarah Hanlon says:

    It’s amazing to meet a fellow aviator who loves to write! MidLifePilot sent me your way… your website is spectacular! I just started an aviation blog of my own and now I have an official site to look up to… thank you!

    I see you mentioned taildraggers above… I learned to fly in a PA-12 and have quite a few hours in Stearmans and Cubs.

    I look forward to being a frequent visitor to your site!

    • Joe Clark says:

      Sarah, it is very nice to meet a real fellow aviator! PA-12s, Stearmans, and Cubs! Great lineup of airplanes. I wish I had two of each (just so I could find other real pilot friends and go flying in formation…)

  4. I enjoy reading your articles on the antique planes and general aviation. I own an Aeronca 7ac and enjoy writing about my travels and exploits. I post them on my website http://www.lownslowpilot.com. I’ve thought about writing a book regarding these travels and the 30 years of flying tail draggers, but I get lost in the ramifications of doing such. I appreciate your insight you share and enjoy the posts.


    • Joe Clark says:

      Dale, stopped in on your site. Very impressive and yes, I would say you should definitely write a book. You have the talent and I know a publisher…

      I have been to L52 many times. I always thought it would be a great place to base if I were ever caught forever in California, but as a Florida boy, California’s earthquakes kind of bothered me. I am more accustomed to our hurricanes. You know, we can watch them spawn off the coast of Africa, track them for 10 or 11 days as they make their way across the Atlantic, determine landfall and intensity, and if it is really bad, we go visit relatives out of state for about a week. Kills two birds with one stone – gets us away from the hurricane and gives us a chance to visit those long lost relatives. Earthquakes, well, they just happen. No warning, just an instant announcement saying, “Here I am!”

      I was going to say, “Hey! Take me for a ride in your Champ!” but you are about 2300 miles too far away… Love that airplane, though. I have flown them quite a bit and like the roominess compared to the old J-3s I learned to fly in.

      If you don’t mind, I will place your blog on my blog roll. It is worthy of reading and I think my visitors would enjoy your words also.


      • Dale says:

        Thanks Joe for the encouragement and exposure. I would be honored to be on your blog roll and I’ll do the same and put you on my links.

        As far as the shakers go, I’ll take a “Shake, Rattle and Roll” any day over marbles in my pockets to hold me down. I guess they both have pros and cons when you get down to it, it’s just what your willing to except. I’ve seen the ground roll to me, under me and past me, which I’m here to tell you can dampen your nickers, but in reality they are few and far between. And the little shakers you never know they happened until you hear it on the 6 O’clock news. Never the less, if your ever around L52 again look me up. I would love to share adventures with you.

        Thanks, Dale

  5. David Spano says:

    Hello again Joe,
    We first met on September 3rd, 1980. You were my 1st flight instructor at the Brandon airport operated by Gene and Dorothy Pratt. I showed up that day, 18 years old, having never been in an airplane. When the wheels of that 150 left the grass, I instantly knew I would never stop flying! 5.4 hours later, without warning (at least I don’t remember you warning me) you asked me to pull over by the hangar on the North side of the runway, you got out and asked me to do 3 circuits. That day is forever burned into my mind, as is your influence on my subsequent flying. I own and operate a flight school in the Chicago suburbs now and regularly ponder on those 1st days.

    • Joe Clark says:

      David! Check your FB – I sent a friend request. So good to hear from you and to find out you are running your own flight school! We definitely need to communicate over the coming times, to talk about the old times, and to catch up. How did you find me?

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