The Gracie Update

Here I sit, next to my number one proofreader and he is giving me hell for not reporting all of the facts. He says he needs a follow-up on Gracie’s trip to the vet yesterday. He has an inquiring mind and he wants to know. So do a lot of others.

Indeed, all the messages from the cat lovers out there distraught over what happened to Gracie really surprised me. My cousin, Sam (short for Samantha) also sent an email, along with the others who, in the parlance of some media outlet, have a need to know.

Me? Well, I was just trying to be a little discreet, for Gracie’s sake. Gracie is, after all, entitled to a little privacy… I mean, how would you like it if someone was talking about your… well…

Oh, I am having such a hard time divulging this information. And I am fearful she will find out and get even. Cat revenge, you know, can be very traumatic. For the human.

You never know when some wild kitty might jump you. Which reminds me, have you ever seen or listened to the Mean Kitty Song?

Well, getting back to the issue of Gracie. She seems to be on the mend and has started running around again. More so than before… the procedure.

One of the amazing things about Gracie is when she finishes, uhmmm, how can I be tactful about this, well, let’s just say that when she is done she races around the house faster than a bolt of lightning. The speed with which she transits is something, but does not hold a candle to the way she can corner and change direction. She is more agile than your average honey badger.

Before this unfortunate incident, I thought I knew almost everything there is to know about cats. I had never seen a cat in such pain and I was actually proud of her when I picked her up last Tuesday. She cried out, but did strike out at me. This really surprised me, especially for the cat who apparently has enjoyed slowly chewing the meat off my hand whenever she pounced on my limb. She is still working on that biting the hand that feeds her thing. Anyway, I thought I knew cats.

However, I knew nothing about feline anal glands…


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  1. T.H.Bear says:

    So, were Gracie’s anal gland clogged? You still didn’t get to the bottom of the problem, so to speak. Was she constipated? Give her a hug for me and Aggie.

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