Solitude, at Icy Altitudes

This is a little bundled treat from music, aviation history, and my time. By my time, I mean from the time of my youth when the music was …  different. The artist is Joni Mitchell, who was a fantastic composer, author, and singer from the 60s and early 70s. She created many number one hits during her time. Many standing the test of time, especially her piece, Both Sides Now, which was released May 1, 1969 on her album, Clouds.

In a later album created and released in 1976 titled Hejira, Mitchell wrote and sang about Amelia Earhart. In a haunting tribute to the aviatrix, she melded aviation history with contemporary times and music. The video created used historical films of Amelia’s time.

It is truly fascinating to watch all of the black-and-white images of Amelia and her airplanes from the 1930s. The old films make a fantastic backdrop to the song Joni created.

If you’ve not had a chance to hear the song, check it out here on YouTube – – or click on the image below. Go “big screen” to fully enjoy.


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