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As we wrapped up 2011, one of the goals I missed was completing production on the third book of The Bear’s trilogy, The Owl Hoot Trail. I wanted so much to complete the last book, Book Three, The Turning of the Earth. Unfortunately, I am still working on the last book as I write this. I wrote about the first two books before (see The Owl Hoot Trail) when I finished Book Two.

Book One - Gold in the Red Desert

The Bear began writing this trilogy a while ago and when I read the first two books, I was impressed for many reasons. Now, I cannot wait to finish the third and make them all available to the public as a collection.

As I pointed out in my earlier writings about The Bear and his Trilogy, once you have read the first two books, you have to finish the tale. Every reader I have spoken with who have read Books One and Two, are anxiously awaiting the release of Book Three. Trust me—I am editing and producing as fast as I can.

The Bear’s books are an important addition to the story of our country. That time—that awful time in the nation, particularly in the South following the war that lasted from 1861 until 1865—was a very bad period in our history. The Bear’s historical novel captures the flavor of life in the country during the years and decades after the end of the war.

Additionally, The Bear weaves the history of other countries and events into his story of the Owl Hoot Trail. Truly, readers have a hard time putting the book down once you turn the first page.

When I first wrote about The Bear’s trilogy, I made the bold statement that he could be the next Louis L’Amour. I wasn’t kidding—I believe anyone reading The Bear’s books will enjoy them as well as L’Amour’s.

Book Two - The Withlacoochee Renegades

To help jump-start the sales of the Trilogy, we will offer 20 percent off the price of the first two books. Book One normally sells for $18.95 and Book Two retails at $25.95. So, go to and you can find Book One for sale for $15.16 and Book Two priced at $20.76—for a limited time.  If you buy both books One and Two bundled together, we will offer a 25 percent discount for a price of $33.68 for both.

In order to take advantage of this limited time special, you have to remember to enter the coupon code “bearsbooks” into the proper field when you check out of the shopping cart. You should enter the code as all lower case, without the quotation marks.

Of everyone who has read Book One, 100 percent demanded Book Two. Those who have finished Book Two have already started requesting Book Three.

Hang on, y’all! Book Three is on the way as quickly as we can finish it. And, oh, yes, if you buy the discounted Books One and Two, we will honor the same discount for Book Three.


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