The story of the Broncos taking on the New England Patriots this weekend is something just this side of amazing.  The Patriots are favored by two touchdowns, and as many have speculated, the Broncos could win.

You might ask, how could the Broncos win?  The answer is very simple—they have Tebow.

Last weekend, the Broncos win over Pittsburg was incredibly exciting.  It was almost like watching the Gators in past years. Tim Tebow’s performance fell somewhere between “absolutely awesome” and “unbelievable.”

Of course, those of us who are Gators were not surprised.

Tim was playing much the same as he always played in The Swamp down in Gainesville. His performance this season was exactly what Gators all around the world knew would happen.

The amazing thing about this young man is the way he makes things happen. He is an anomaly in the sports world.

Many in the NFL have said Tebow has no talent, which prompts many to ask, “Really?” What is the explanation for the Gator’s winning records during Tebow’s tenure? What is the explanation for the Bronco’s come from behind OT wins this season? Tim Tebow was fun to watch when he played for the Gator’s and now that he is a Bronco, it seems like the fun is just beginning all over again.

During the first half of last week’s game, it was amusing to see the shocked looks on the faces of the Pittsburgh players.  Each player to a man was incredulous.  In the second half, they came out of the locker room revitalized; they started to make things happen and by the end of the game, they were able to tie the score.

However, as with previous games, Tebow led his Broncos to an overtime win.  One spectacular thing about this win was that it came on the first and only snap of the OT period.

More spectacular than winning the game on the first play of the overtime period, are the game stats.  Tebow completed 10 of 16 passes for a total of 316 yards giving him an average of 31.6 yards per pass.  When he played at the University of Florida, Tebow often used the phrase John 3:16 painted into his eye black.

Tebow has taken great criticism for displaying his faith and yet, he stands firm.  The thing about this young man is that he is real and genuine.  He is a natural leader among his peers.  Unlike other NFL players who were constantly in trouble for one reason or another, Tebow consistently stands out as a true role model.

I had come close to giving up following both college and pro ball because of the many players exhibiting the “bad boy” persona.  Then along came Tebow.  Suddenly, I became interested in the game again.

This weekend’s game will prove very interesting.  I like underdogs.  I also have to wonder if God is speaking to all of us through the voice of Tim Tebow.


©2012 J. Clark

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    Whoa! Not so great a weekend for the underdogs!

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