Sun ‘N Fun Photos


Photos shot at Sun’N Fun 2011.

(Click on photos to enlarge for viewing, using back button to return.)

Top row, the Blue Angels of course.  From left to right, the two solos blowing around the area low and fast, the only way to fly. Center, the diamond breaking up from the south. Right, the six going to separate points on the compass.

Second row: Images from the Light Sports. L) The two-place CGS Hawk. C) ¾-scale P-51D Mustang on landing. R) the Just Aircraft LLC Highlander.

Third row: L) & C) The ¾-scale P-51D Mustang on landing rollout. R) A Bleriot replica in front of the Vintage Aircraft Center.

Bottom row: L) A Cessna 185 visiting from Canada. C) The Adventura amphibious LSA. R) The tube & boom Drifter (not for the faint of heart).

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