Don’t Only Practice Your Art

I find myself searching, even after all these years, ways to attain perfection; I want to help others reach the same perfection, particularly in aviation, writing, and photography. I want to practice to be the best, I want to enjoy listening to the finest music, I want to write the best stories, I want to shoot the winning photographs, make the smoothest landings of all my pilot friends – so, I find myself always in need of practice.

I am amazed by the similarity between different things, such as great sports, perfect music, synchronized swimming or skating, and flying. Particularly flying in formation. Many will read this paragraph and not understand it. You might, if you have flown formation. If you have flown in a section or division, you know about the synchronicity found flying a good airplane on another’s wing, which is very much the same thing as being involved in team sports, figure skating with a partner, performing with a musical group; in short, being perfect among others who are also engaged – in perfection.

Ardis and I had the opportunity to attend a concert of the Piano Guys. If you have not had the chance to listen to any of their work, subscribe to their channel on YouTube. The concert began with their work, Beethoven’s 5 Secrets, and this quote from Beethoven.

                                                       Don’t Only Practice Your Art,                                                                                                      But force your way into its secrets,                                                                                                           For it and knowledge can                                                                                                                   Raise men to the Divine.                                                                                                                                               — Ludwig van Beethoven

* * *

These gentlemen have gone far beyond practicing their art. For your pleasure, check out this video. Turn on your speakers and view in full screen format. It is absolutely fantastic.

(Found at

The very first time I saw these guys was on television. They amazed me with their work at an open piano. There is no question the Piano Guys are very unique and talented. Check out this video that has garnered over 26 million views.

Where they are working from is paradise. Oh, I am not talking geographically, their paradise is found from within. They have perfected their art and they are sharing it with the world. Literally. They have shot tremendous videos all over the globe, placing them on YouTube for everyone’s enjoyment. They have reached across cultures and governments to make their music exceptional and available to everyone and anyone who cares to listen.

Having listened to a great deal of their work over the computer and on disc, I thought I knew what to expect at the concert. I was wrong. Their music – live, like all live performances – was phenomenal.

Their onstage banter was perfectly timed, comedic, and serious all at the same time. They talked about their lives, families, music, history, and how the group came into existence. They discussed the genesis for much of their work and then they gave credit to God, in a most respectful and not intrusive way.

Over all, it was one of the best concerts I have had the joy to attend in my lifetime.

Go see ’em!


©2013 J. Clark

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