Air Dancing II

The subject of yesterday’s blog was unique.  The things the human mind can come up with to entertain itself amaze me.  Even more amazing is the control the human mind has over the physical body.  The cliché about being able to do anything you set your mind to really is true.

Yes, I will concede the physical body must be capable of meeting the demands of the mind.  However, for those young enough and in good shape, there is in fact no limit to what one can do.

Often I have felt as though I was born far too late.  Similarly, I was born too early to enjoy some of the things my mind is now witnessing.  Throughout my life, I have thought of things I could do, or more correctly, things man should be able to do, regarding flight.

Sometimes, even I would stand back and say, “Whoa!  That ain’t right!” On occasion, I would come up with really great ideas but, after a little more intellectual inspection, I would conclude I was about kill myself.  Most of the time I would draw back and not execute that great idea.  Sometimes I pulled it off.  And on some rare occasions, I was happy to be alive after some of the stupid mistakes.

The problem with my life today is that I have a 20-something year-old brain encased in a skull sitting on top of a 50-something year-old body.  The brain is always willing to do anything, but sometimes, the body screens, “NO!”

This is an example of exactly what I mean.  In this case, my brain wants to do this very, very much.  However, my body is screaming, “NO WAY!”

Click on the video and maximize the screen.

(Found at

Man, I wish I was 17-years-old again…


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