Airplanista – A New Aviation Magazine

Heads-up: a new aviation electronic magazine is set to break out on Friday, October 1 and you really should make sure to check out the first issue. Airplanista is the brain-child of Dan Pimentel, an aviator from Oregon who has been blogging about flying for about five years.

As Dan explains, his blog “might have [run] its course.” Recognizing the limitations of blogging, he began looking for other ways to satisfy his creative side and increase his readership. Consequently, he decided to create Airplanista, a free online magazine for everyone interested in flying. (Did he say free?)

Dan reports that he always wanted to have his own aviation magazine. It is, after all, a natural inclination for a former sports editor and trained journalist – who just happens to be a pilot. (He did say free didn’t he?)

Dan says he wants Airplanista “to be a big brush look at the entire aviation world. Not just jets, not just flight training, not just used airplanes.” Dan is looking for stories and vivid photographs that truly tell the full story of aviation today.  It sounds as if he has taken the right direction with his new publication. (He really did say the mag was free!)

The banner across the front page declares, “Sometimes Serious, Sometimes Humorous, Always Unpredictable.”  You kind of have to like that.  Especially the part about it being free…

If you like airplanes and the people who fly them as well as stories about different aspects of aviation, give Airplanista a read.  You can find Dan’s online magazine at


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