A Busy Summer

I have had a busy summer. Hence, the reason I have not had a chance to write as much as I would have desired over the past three months. The summer was both good, and bad, as things tend to go. The good included publication of two books – mine and another aviation title. The bad, well it included a fall by my wife and an unexpected trip to the hospital. Don’t fall, don’t break bones. It is no fun.

I was working on June 13 when I heard a funny noise from the bedroom. Dashing back to find her, I discovered her sitting on the floor. What followed was a late night trip the emergency room and surgery to repair the damage. Not fun and I would encourage everyone to be careful. Our new mantra is, “No slipping, no falling, no tripping.”

During this time, I worked when able at finishing my book, PSST! Wanna Know a Secret? I wanted to get something out there for high school grads, new college students, and other young people. Take a moment to check it out at psstbook.com, a dedicated website just for that book. My hope is that it gives direction in life and finances to some of those who need it.

The other book we finished was Trans World Airlines A Book of Memories. What a great book! Compiled by Jon Proctor and Jeff Kriendler, this is a collation of stories written by those who loved, worked for, or were otherwise associated with TWA during the time this line flew the skies.

It is a large format book of 8.5 x 11 inches with 282 pages of stories and color photographs. It is available through BluewaterPress LLC or other online retailers. If you order through BluewaterPress LLC, use the code “TWABWP” and we will reduce the price by 15 percent.


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