Something’s Just Not Quite Right…

Last June, I touched on the problems with the cellular industry and GPS receivers. On June 11, I detailed the problems in GPS, LG4, and Government Woes and followed up the next day with The Looming GPS and Smartphone Wars. Well, since then, it has become much worse of a problem.

Now there is information that General William Shelton, the four-star general who heads the Air Force Space Command, told House members via a classified briefing that he was “pressured” to change his testimony for the benefit of Philip Falcone.

Falcone’s company, based out of Virginia, plans to build a nationwide 4G wireless network. The problem that has reared its ugly head is that the phone system is going to interfere with the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system. In a nutshell, there were forces trying to influence the general to testify that there was a solution to the problem. After all, that is what Jeff Carlisle, Executive VP of Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy, is telling everyone with an interest in the outcome of this contest.

If one were to look at the situation with a discerning eye, you would have to ask some serious questions about what is going on. Why is there an Air Force general saying there is a problem and a civilian, with a monetary interest in the outcome of the hearings, saying, “There is no real problem and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Testing has repeatedly demonstrated there is interference with GPS receivers caused by the LG4 transmitters. There is also a question of jamming of military GPS receivers. This brings the question of National Security to the forefront.

However, coming much closer to home, there are pilots who will be operating airplanes in poor weather and visibility depending on GPS receivers. Receivers that, in all likelihood, are going to be jammed by cell phone signals.

Not only are the military and aviation users facing degradation of their signals, GPS procedures are very important in agricultural settings, construction, surveying and other uses. What this will eventually boil down to is conflict between those who need GPS and those who want LG4.

The bottom line is that you cannot have your LG4 and navigate, too. In essence, the public is going to have to make a choice. As stated before, one part of the equation is life dependent; the other side optional. Be able to navigate your ambulance to the scene of the accident, or use your cell phone to play games.

It is sad, watching those who have little understanding of this state of affairs. Some are having difficulty trying to fathom the importance of what is taking place. They do not understand this is more than a preference; it has a lot to do with maintaining the economy through movement of goods and services by way of GPS.

This now becomes the question of whom to believe. A four star general with National Security interests foremost on his mind? Or a civilian company official with monetary interests?



©2011 J. Clark

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2 Responses to Something’s Just Not Quite Right…

  1. Harrison says:

    Joe, you gave us a heads up on this months ago and I can’t believe they’re still considering it. Just fired off some nasty grams in opposition to the lunacy.

    • Joe Clark says:

      It really is amazing, isn’t it? I just hope things are done right; if they institute the LG4, I think it is going to have an impact on all who fly – military, airlines, corporate, medevac, and more.

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