That’s a Blog

Yesterday’s blog was a bit on the heavy side with the language. It was thick with terms from the aviation industry. I was concerned enough to post a warning at the beginning of the blog to caution those not conversant in aviation expressions. I also mentioned I would return to a lighter style of writing today.

When I gave the blog to my wife to proof before hitting the publish button, she read the warning and I noticed her eyes roll to the back of her head. “What?” It is my standard question whenever I witness the eyes-rolling routine.

“You really should include this warning on about half of all your blogs,” she answered. “At least all those you have written about flying.  You know, the ones about aviation where you talk about blah, blah, blah, blah, …airplanes.” She bordered on being blasphemous. I could not believe she was talking about airplanes like that!

The scene from Casablanca raced through my head.  You know, the one where the police chief shuts down Rick’s Café for gambling and then says, “Thank you!” when given his winnings.  Shocked, I tell you, shocked! I could not believe she would say something like that about my blog—a blog about flying.

“The blog is about flying, writing, and publishing,” I answered, somewhat defensively. “And life in general. As such, flying has its own language. I agree, though, it might be confusing to the writers, photographers, and publishers who don’t know the language.  All my flying buddies and students will understand everything in the blog perfectly.”

She gave me that look. There was only one thing to say.

“That’s a blog.”

Ever since I started the blog, our running joke is that she has to watch what she says, lest it ends up as blog fodder. I must admit, she has provided me with a wonderful list of ideas, most of which has been easy to write.

She looked at me with the same expression Gracie gives me when l am about to shoot her in the face with the water bottle in trying to keep her from biting me. Whenever Gracie is bad and she knows she is being bad, I pick up the water bottle and she’ll look at me through slanted and narrowed eye slits. When I threatened to use her comments in my blog, Ardis gave me the same “Gracie look.”

Her eyes narrowed and I think I even saw her ears lay back.


© 2011 J. Clark

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