Oh! The Humanity!

Our friends, Mike and Robin, sat across the table from us and he was explaining the recent Garfield comic. He thought it was hilarious; we have to agree. Check out the comic from February 3 (http://www.gocomics.com/garfield/2011/02/03#.U7q84vk7um4).

Garfield is sitting there with funny noises coming from the other room. Then there is a cry by Jon, “Oh! The Humanity!” To which Garfield counters that cleaning the litter box would not be so bad if it done a little more often…

Cats—and their litter boxes—can be a royal pain in the, well, you know. And while they can be a pain, sometimes, they can be pretty funny.

For instance, have you ever watched a cat chase a red laser dot? You can get them running around in circles, climbing the walls, dashing across living rooms, and then all of sudden, they will stop, sit down, and give you that look. You can hear them saying, “OK, I had a little fun chasing the red dot, but I am done now. Leave me alone, you stupid human. I will not allow you to laugh at me anymore chasing the red dot. It’s over.”

Then the idiot cat will sit down, look dignified, and just watch the red dot that has suddenly appeared just before his or her nose, out about a foot or so, right on the carpet in front of them. You can hear them thinking, “I’m not going to grab for it. Its over. I’m done. Forget it.”

They may think they will have nothing more to do with the red dot, but they won’t take their eyes off it as it slowly inches closer to their paw. “I’m not interested,” the cat responds telepathically. But it continues watching the red dot. . . that is moving closer.

Then the red dot actually starts touching their front paw. Then it has the audacity actually to climb onto their paw. Talk about The Humanity!

The cat sits there, just watching the red dot.

Then it happens! The cat makes a courageous snap at the red dot, intent on swallowing whole in one shot! When the feline opens his or her eyes a moment later, they see the red dot remains. Then the cat looks up and spies the humans laughing. At them! The cat is immediately embarrassed.

Caught! Looking stupid. Again! The cat is mad!

“Fine!” comes the telepathic message as the cat gets up and slinks away. “Make me look stupid! Irritate my feline butt! Go ahead!

“I don’t have to use that stupid box!”


© 2011 J. Clark

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