The End of 2010

It’s here!  We have again reached the end of another year. Now it’s time to look back to see what was accomplished, what failed, what was good, what was bad, take measurement, and plan for a better 2011.

What was good? As always, one of the best things about this year includes all the people. There were colleagues, friends, family, and students; all and each one special in their own right.

There were new writing assignments, some good for money and some good for personal growth. And the growth was phenomenal; for example, my mind is actually thinking in context of a writer’s mind again. In other words, it takes little time to write 500 to 800 words. Just like in the old days, back when I was a real journalist writing for money on a small daily newspaper. I also walk around more observant of the world, looking for stories as well as being on guard for trouble (it’s a leftover habit from my military days). 

Another good thing about this past year was expanding my photography skills. I was able to get some great shots at various air shows, weddings, births, and more.

Oh, speaking of births, that had to be the highlight of this last quarter. On October 13, little Eva came into the world to her grandmother’s delight. Eva was also a very special birthday gift for her father, as she was born on his birthday. Of course “Nana” could not be happier with this new baby, right? Hold on, she could be happier with the birth of her third grandchild, her second granddaughter, and her namesake, Annabelle Ardis. Anna joined the family in the style of her Nana – a couple of days late.

Another great thing about this year was business. Even though it is hard work, BluewaterPress LLC and Joe Clark’s Photos are starting to turn a nickel. This is pretty good in a down economy. In this regard, some of my students realize I practice what I preach. I have a favorite saying when talking with a student who is feeling depressed over what the media is commonly telling us about the economy. Right in the middle of the student’s commiserating, I say, “Stop! Don’t listen to the idiot talking heads. Go out and make your own economy.”

Which is what I am in the process of doing, and here’s a little secret; anyone can do it. I fervently believe if more people stopped paying attention to the media and began making a better life for themselves, the economy would turn around in a heartbeat.

One of the bad things about this year is, in fact, the media.  Somewhere between the time I graduated with my degree in journalism and now, it seems as if the news reporters writing for newspapers and magazines, along with all of the broadcast media, have lost that very important concept of reporting the news. As a journalism student and later as a new reporter, my college professors, the managing editors, and publishers would start cutting my digits off one knuckle at a time if I were to even hint at editorializing a news story.

For some reason, today’s journalists have completely lost this concept.

Speaking of things lost, this year Congress decided not to listen to the American people. They lost the idea that we, the people, hired them to do the job of representing us. We did not send them to Washington to party; we sent them to do a job. Maybe the new members will keep this in mind as we begin 2011.

So, what should 2011 bring us in the coming New Year?

Me? I hope this New Year brings a little bit more time to be with family and friends, a little more time to go to the beach, and a bit of time to cast a line. I also hope to be more prosperous by making my friends and family prosperous.

Here’s to you and hoping your 2011 brings you everything you want.


© 2010 J. Clark

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2 Responses to The End of 2010

  1. flyinggma says:

    Happy New Year Joe and Ardis! One of my favorite things in 2010 is all the people I’ve met through blogging this year. I treasure all the things I’ve learned through your blog and other blogs I read. I feel like I have my own history instructor and flight instructor on-line without paying tuition. I’ve enjoyed all the interesting posts. Blessings to you and your family in 2011, Jeanne

  2. Joe Clark says:

    Jeanne, thank you. I, too, have enjoyed meeting new friends through blogging. Meeting new friends, new students, and indeed, long lost family members from overseas (hi Lulu), has been one of the best things about this past year – and all through blogging. I hope you and Dean and all of your family have a great New Year. “Fly a lot, write a little, love like never before.”

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