Computer Glitches

Today’s blog is a little late and a bit short. It’s because of computer glitches.

Yesterday’s blog actually came out the day before but, because of computer glitches, the blog moved to the wrong day, then somehow became double published and the blog which was intended for yesterday came out the day before.


Now, as if that were not enough, the router decided to give up the ghost. This required a replacement, necessitating a complete re-work of the wireless network. Then the real fun began.

All of the computers were talking to one another, but none of them could see or access the printers. Arghh – again!!

After two hours and five minutes on the phone with the printer manufacturer, the printers would still not print and the techs began blaming my DSL carrier.

I had expected this. When I was talking to the reps from the router manufacturer, they were blaming the printer company.

Both companies also inferred Micro Soft shared some of the blame.

Oh, and there was a question of the virus software being part of the problem.

Sometimes, I believe systems are too complicated; this gives great credence to the idea the industry and the public will never allow airliners to fly without a human flight crew. This will make many prospective airline pilots very happy.

However, it does not change the fact that 80 percent of aviation accidents are the result of human error. Computer glitches, however, surely must run higher. Right? It could not possibly be the fault of the human. Right?? I know the reasons as to why my printers were inoperable had to be software and other glitches. I am proud to say after about eight hours, I finally prevailed!

Unfortunately, I caused the errors which re-arranged the publication dates of the two previous blogs. Can you imagine that? Hrumph!

Human error. Drat.


© 2010 J. Clark

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3 Responses to Computer Glitches

  1. flyinggma says:

    Sorry to hear about your computer glitches. Dean has the responsibility to keep seven computers up and running at the shop along with our computer scan tools. Things go pretty well until my young nephew decides to play computer games from the internet on one of the computers and then the fun begins…for Dean.

  2. Joe Clark says:

    I commiserate with Dean. Our system could not have chosen a more appropriate time to die – right at the end of the quarter when I had to create statements and cut royalty checks for the authors. Dean must be one great guy to allow nephews to play on the computers… and then be patient enough to fix the glitches afterward. ;o)

  3. T.H.Bear says:

    Nathen would have said, “The greatest human error of all was to admit being wrong or to apologize.”
    I’m not so sure he was right.


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