Running Out of Time

This is a time when many are running out of time. At this time of year, many people are finding themselves on the short end of the stick used to measure time.

Of course, there are as many methods for measuring time as there are yard sticks in a mile. There are probably as many consequences resulting from non-accomplishment of the goal. These consequences range the gamut; everything from disappointed children to lost “great deals” to sometimes, death.

Let me explain. A pilot flying a mission, particularly one at sea, can run low on fuel and as a consequence, may end up down in Davy Jones’ locker. That kind of pressure tends to make pilots refine their aviation skills somewhat.

A student can run out of time, and many typically do, at the end of every term. Like the Navy pilot, the student will learn to adapt and refine his or her time management skills.

In my first job out of college, I worked as a news reporter-photographer. I often found myself racing back to the newsroom with my pads of notes, driving to the paper while formulating my angles and composing my lead.

Depending on the story, sometimes this resulted in my banging out the copy right at deadline. What a sight. I, with fingers flying across the keys, the publisher pressed against my left side reading over my shoulder and the managing editor on my right.

Now, time is again running out for many of us in the last days before Christmas. Been here before, didn’t like it then, still don’t.

As a college student, I learned how to budget my time. In Navy jets, I learned how to make gas and save it. I attribute the newsroom and cranky publishers and editors with refining my writing skills – especially under pressure.

However, I am still trying figure out the lessons of running out if time at Christmas.

I think it has something to do with learning how to slow down to realize the importance of the season. And it has nothing to do with stores, shopping, or stressing out.

Whoa! I almost ran out of time to post this blog!


© 2010 J. Clark

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