The Season of Babies

There I was, at 27,000 feet pushing 630 knots, screaming down from the sky upside down,…  Oops, no, wrong story…

Actually I was sitting in my office finishing the school term and wondering what I would write my blog about this evening. Unfortunately, with everything going on in the process of wrapping up the end of the term, I was unable to steal my two minutes here and my five minutes there to scratch out my blog on my cell phone.

And then I heard my wife’s phone ring.

I listened to her side of the conversation.

And then I knew, before she even stuck her head in the office, we were gonna pack up and shove off to her daughter’s. It seems as though my wife’s third grandchild has decided tonight might be the night. Or maybe tomorrow. Possibly Friday. Who knows, these babies seem to have their own minds made up, along with their own schedules.

Ardis asked if I wanted to drive to her daughter’s and son-in-law’s house tonight, or first thing in the morning. I have a choice? I thought. And then I realized, the answer was no, not really. Ardis was being polite; she is the nicest person I know.

Except when it comes to her grandchildren, then you had better watch out. She is like the proverbial mother bear. So I knew when she asked if I wanted to drive to their house tonight or early in the morning, there really was no choice.  I knew right away this would be a short blog.

Cut short – by babies.

In mid October, my wife’s second grandchild arrived.  Her name is Eva and her arrival seemed a more planned and orderly than her cousin’s arrival. Eva was the first child for my wife’s son and his wife and Anna is the second baby for Ardis’ daughter and son-in-law.

Back in November of 2008, the first grandchild arrived. I should have seen the signs…, of the things to come. Life has certainly changed. Ever since Dominic came into the world, Ardis has been absolutely crazy over that boy. Then came Eva. Now she’s a little nuts over that baby, too. Of course, I am going to assume she will be as taken with this third baby as much as she was with the first two.

Well, I guess I’d better wrap this blog up even if it is a little short. I like to keep the bogs somewhat uniform at about 500 to 600 words each. Right now, at the end of this sentence, I am only at 432 words. I can tell however, this is the end of this blog.

Ardis has packed the car and is standing at my office door. I can feel the intensity of her wifely telepathic communication advising me I had better get going. Babies are a-waitin’ and they don’t seem to want to wait too much longer.

Time to drive.

See ya.


© 2010 J. Clark

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  1. flyinggma says:

    Congrats to you, Ardis and the proud parents. Can’t wait to hear the details of the new arrival. The 68 to 168 words can wait but babies rarely can 🙂 Have fun, Jeanne

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