They Are in Trouble Again

Uh-oh, it seems something happened and now everyone is pointing fingers at others and no one appears to know the true story.  Apparently someone released some sort of weapon about 35 miles off the coast of California late Monday afternoon.

Interestingly, there used to be a video about this missile launch. For some reason, it has been eliminated…

One of the television stations from Los Angeles, KCBS, had a helicopter airborne at the time of the launch.  As the missile streaked through the sky, one of the cameramen on board was able to capture video of the launch.

Typically, if one were to see something like this 35 miles from major metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, it would be somewhat alarming.  In actuality, it is.  What is more alarming is the fact no one is taking responsibility for the event.

How can anyone launch a missile with everyone who is supposed to know all the details remain ignorant of those details?

Both the Air Force and the Navy have denied any responsibility in the errant missile launch.  The Pentagon has indicated the military is not involved with the launch.  They knew nothing about it.

In a joint statement released Tuesday by the North American Aerospace Defense Command and the U.S. Northern Command, officials had no “specific details but we are working to determine the exact nature of this event.”

Government officials went on to declare there was no specific threat to the nation and promised to provide more information as it becomes available.  A short time later, spokespersons at Naval Air Station Point Magu and Vandenberg Air Force Base were quick to say their facilities were not responsible for the launch.

Obviously someone is responsible for the launch, because it was there.  Too many people saw it.  What we now have to do is round up the usual suspects.  This year, there are a couple of new individuals capable of making such mistakes to join the ranks of the usual suspects.

Personally, I think Howard and Sheldon hit the button by mistake.


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4 Responses to They Are in Trouble Again

  1. Joe Clark says:

    My wife pointed out some readers might not know Howard and Sheldon. They are (hilarious) characters from the TV comedy, The Big Bang.

  2. Brad P. says:

    Silly Marines; must have been a firework for our birthday! 235 years old.

  3. Joe Clark says:

    Brad – Thank goodness for the United States Marines!

  4. Brad P. says:

    Don’t forget the Navy.

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