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This landing page will give me a chance to better serve you, the readers. I have different interests and as such, I find myself writing about many things. My mainstays are aviation and writing (imagine that). Sometimes, life in general, gets me going, especially when there is something in the news that is absurd, strange, or extremely newsworthy. Don’t just read what I have written – respond! Make a comment! Start a discussion. That is one of the reasons for this blog – to share ideas. If you would like to know more about me, check out my about page. And please, don’t forget to engage in the conversation – leave comments!

Here are my latest half-dozen or so blogs:

The Magenta Babies. Technology is a wonderful thing. Or is it? As long as we understand how to use it, it is helpful. Otherwise, it might be deadly.

Gladys Ingle, one of the most impressive barnstormers of the 1920s. Would you be able to do her act?

Lost LogbooksOne of the worst things that can happen to a pilot is to have their flight logs come up missing.

Bob Hoover 1922-2016. Today, famed aviator Bob Hoover has Gone West…

Being There, Part 2. Sometimes you see things that you would never imagine. It just happens. Today was one such day.

Amazing Transportation. We arc about the skies in utter safety. How can we do this? It was 87 years ago today that an important event happened leading us to the safe transportation we enjoy today.

Fifteen Years. A decade and a half is a long time. Hard to remember things from that long ago. Unless the date is September 11.

For my friends who would like to know more about writing and publishing, here are some tips that I hope help, along with a bit of general knowledge about book publishing.

For pilots in general, here are my blogs about flying.

For the many intrigued about aviation history, check out these writings.


12 Responses to Welcome to my Blog

  1. Jeanne Araldi says:

    Thank you for the Joe Araldi blog. Made my day !

    • Joe Clark says:

      Jeanne, it was my pleasure. That flight with Joe happened in the late 1970s and his generosity of spirit, his graciousness, and his unbridled enthusiasm for old airplanes has stayed with me all these years.

  2. My two interests are also writing and aviation. I’m amazed to find your blog. It is wonderful. Your posts are so interesting that I feel that I could learn so much by reading your posts. I am new to blogging and hope you will alow me to ask questions.
    Your post about students and debt made me think about this problem for young people. It is also a problem for grandparents who want to help out.

    • Joe Clark says:


      Unfortunately, too many of our young are dealing with the problem of high student loan debt. My hope with this blog is that some of the imaginative ones will figure out a way to get rid of the debt earlier in thier lives rather than later.

      Thanks for the compliments,


  3. Milo Rodriguez says:

    Great Blog Joe!,… How’s the Krewe @ Emery Riddle these days? My niece Alesha Downs graduated from there a number of years back, with an aero degree. I had her intern for me at Pratt in West Palm one summer and now she’s at NASA Houston as a controller for the Space Station. Must say she’s done well!
    Hope you and Ardis are downing well! Still remember that flight in the Tiger, from Gainesville, years back!
    Take care Joe, and keep those wings level! Lol

  4. You made my day Joe! I just received your book in the mail and I’m diving into it. I’m very excited with anticipation and looking forward to sponging it up. Thanks, what a great day!

    • Joe Clark says:

      Dale, thank you for making my day! I have not sent back the check yet, but will prep it tomorrow and put it in the mail Monday. You and Ken need to write about the exploits of the Champs. I think there are readers out there who would love the adventures of Cap’n Pine Tree and everything that goes on in the Pirate’s Lair. 😉

  5. Dan Hines says:

    Hi Joe! I just wanted to say thank you. Your classes/lectures have helped me tremendously in my first job.

    Your friend and former student,

    • Joe Clark says:

      Hi Dan,

      Good to hear from you. Where are you flying these days? If you get a chance to drop by the school, stop in and let’s talk airplanes and life.


      • Dan Hines says:

        I currently fly for skydive ocean city in Maryland. I am trying to come down this winter. If I do, i will make a stop in for sure!

  6. Milo Rodriguez says:

    Joe, you may like this,…. It’s flying and An almost unbelievable accomplishment

    Subject: Actual Landing Account: The First Men On the Moon

    This is an unaltered video camera images and moon/earth

    conversation recorded during the final 18 minutes of the first

    landing on the moon.

    CLICK ON :

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