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This landing page will give me a chance to better serve the readers. I have different interests and as such, I find myself writing about many things. My mainstays are aviation and writing (imagine that). Sometimes, life in general gets me going, especially when there is something in the news that is absurd, strange, or extremely newsworthy. Don’t just read what I have written – respond! Make a comment! Start a discussion. That is one of the reasons for this blog – to share ideas. If you would like to know more about me, checkout my about page.

Here are my lastest blogs:

Typewriters. For the young ones, the question is, “Have you ever used a typewriter?” For the more experienced, the statement is,”Man! We’re glad we don’t have to use those anymore!”

Veteran Airshow Fans. What is so important about attending gatherings of like-minded people?

Trees, Shade, and Friendships. Meeting new friends, old friends, and enjoying the pleasure of their company.

The Master Birdman. March 14, 1915 was a sad day for America and the fledgling aviation industry. On this date 99 yearrs ago, Lincoln J. Beachey, aviation pioneer crashed into San Francisco Bay after his Beachey-Eaton Monoplane failed in flight.

I Hate Yesterday. Why do we beat ourselves up every spring and fall changing our clocks? I don’t mind changing clocks, I just hate adjusting to the time change.

Model 299. On July 28, 1935, Richard Williams, a reporter for the Seattle Times, was the first to call the new American bomber from Boeing a Flying Fortress. The name stuck.

For my friends who would like to know more about writing and publishing, here are some tips that I hope help, along with a bit of general knowledge about book publishing.

For pilots in general, here are my blogs about flying.

For the many who are intrigued about aviation history, check out these writings.


2 Responses to Welcome to my Blog

  1. Jeanne Araldi says:

    Thank you for the Joe Araldi blog. Made my day !

    • Joe Clark says:

      Jeanne, it was my pleasure. That flight with Joe happened in the late 1970s and his generosity of spirit, his graciousness, and his unbridled enthusiasm for old airplanes has stayed with me all these years.

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